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Premium Confectionery

Now in Japan from Cemilzade, one of Turkey's leading boutiques, we offer exquisite tasting confectionery made with pure, natural, selected ingredients. Premium Turkish Delight (Lokum) and Marzipan has been made by Cemilzade since 1883 on a singular recipe. To create the delicate balance in taste, special pots are heated to precise temperatures using the highest quality sugar. Over more than 130 years and four generations, the company has succeeded in preserving the unique taste and excellent quality of it's products. Cemilzade boutiques are the address for the discerning taste seeker in Istanbul.

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is one of the delicacies most attributed with Turkey. Lokum is the Turkish word for Turkish Delight. They are little cube shaped sweets naturally flavoured with fruits and nuts. It is the subtlety and the depth of the sweetness, together with the smoothness of the texture that makes our Turkish delight the most revered in Turkey.


Marzipan is a paste made with grind nuts, sugar, starch and water with no use of any artificial substance. Highest quality Turkish pistachios, almonds and coconut flakes are used. The smooth texture will gently melt away as you savor one...

We’d be delighted to introduce you to the Romeo & Juliette of coffee and sweets, Turkish coffee and delight.

Please visit us in our Roppongi office for a complimentary tasting of how two tastes can complement each other so perfectly.

The Shop Opened in Cairo, Egypt by 1920s by Cemil Bey.

Our Brand Story

The Lokum legacy dates back to 1883, when Cemil Bey opened his own shop close to the headquarters of the Ottoman Empire at the age of sixteen after working as an apprentice for several years. In his shop he offered traditional sweets, among others Turkish Delight, Marzipan and candy in different flavours.

The fame of his sweets spread quickly, and soon he had customers visiting from distant parts of Istanbul to taste his delicacies. Cemil Bey was also a talented musician, and played in the Ottoman Empire Orchestra as a lutist. As Cemil Bey was not allowed to run a business as a member of the Orchestra, his sons joined him in the business and thus the name Cemilzade, which means sons of Cemil.

In early 1900s, the there was a shift from Classical Turkish to Western Music in the Ottoman Palace. Cemil Bey thus decided to leave the Palace Orchestra and moved to Cairo, Egypt, as many other famous artists did at the time. Shortly after moving to Cairo in 1909, he opened a confectionery shop (Confiserie Orientale – Sweet shop of the East) in Cairo. The shop soon became very popular. Before the holidays, long queues would form in front of the shop. Around the same time Cemil Bey began to participate in fairs in France and Italy, where his sweets won several prizes and awards. He also kept on composing and some of his works have survived and have brought much joy to music lovers.

The Cemilzade family have continued their heritage for 4 generations and offer the confectionery through four boutique shops in established locations in Istanbul.

We have visited Japan few years ago, and observed the appreciation of quality, taste and fine craftsmanship. We believe that we share these values and trust that Lokum will be appreciated in Japan. We are grateful to be able to offer Lokum in Japan.


Turkish Delight Mastic

100 gm / 200 gm

¥ 1,000 / ¥ 2,000

Turkish Delight Mint and Lemon

100 gm / 200 gm

¥ 1,000 / ¥ 2,000

Turkish Delight Pistachio

100 gm / 200 gm

¥1,300 / ¥2,600

Turkish Delight Rose

100 gm / 200 gm

¥1,000 / ¥2,000

Marzipan Almond

100 gm / 200 gm

¥1,500 / ¥3,000

Marzipan Coconut

100 gm / 200 gm

¥1,300 / ¥2,600

Marzipan Pistachio

100 gm / 200 gm

¥1,600 / ¥3,200


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